InterServe Ministries

PARTNERNING WITH CHURCHES in their ministry with children, youth, families and congregational systems.

How does InsterServe Ministries connect with Bethel?

Bethel has begun an exciting 6-month partnership with InterServe Interim Ministries. During this time of staff transitions in our Children Youth and Family Minstry, we are working together to focus on promoting a healthy and intentional interim time where we can reassess ministry programs and goals while working toward future growth opportunites. Since we began in March of 2024, we have been celebrating what has been working, discovering possibilities, working through current changes and planning for the future.

Molly Schroeder from InterServe has been busy leading our newly formed “Discovery Team” with members; Susan Larson, Paul Wittmer, Marissa Guggisberg, Tony Narr, Jodi Dettman Robin Kroening and Kelly Jones. This team meets regularly for training, and research into our history, culture, mission, assets, needs and hopes for the future. Some of their findings were shared with the church council at an April retreat. A number of focus groups will be gathered throughout the process to share perspectives. A group of teenagers, the youth team and confirmation small group leaders have done focus work so far. Even more focus groups will be gathered. Look for an opportunity to be in a focus group and/or to provide your input through the congregational survey. Toward the end of our time together, a congregational listening event will be hosted where the results of this interim work will be shared.


What does InterServe Ministry do at Bethel?

Their staff member will work side by side with our staff and volunteers to sustain current programs. They will help us understand and adapt to changes in the culture that have affected all churches, including Bethel. This specialized ministry will also:

Encourage opportunities

for closure & help people to work through the emotions that usually follow the departure of a staff person.

Create a transition team

with congregation members who have gifts in children and youth ministry. This team will be called the “Discovery Team” and will consist of youth and adults.

Guide the transition team

through a discovery process, looking at purpose, objectives and dreams.

Facilitate discussion

and gather feedback from the congregation through focus groups.

Provide training

for adult leaders in youth ministries.

Assist in developing

attractive & sustainable ministry position descriptions for new staff.

Meet Molly Schroeder

Our InterServe Interim Ministry Associate!

Molly will start March 1, 2024 and serve approximately 6 months helping us prepare for future staffing and programs in youth ministry at Bethel.

Molly has devoted her adult life to nurturing children of all ages, finding pure joy in those “light bulb” moments when new discoveries spark understanding. Molly also finds fulfillment in her interactions with students, cherishing their questions and fostering their curiosity. With over 25 years of experience in congregational ministry, Molly’s passion for Christian communities fuels her commitment to guiding churches through transitions. She is the Founder/President of the Board of Directors at The Wave Youth Center in Big Lake, MN, embodying her dedication to empowering youth.

Molly pursued further education at Luther Seminary, earning two master’s degrees. Recently completing her dissertation, she will soon graduate with a Doctorate of Ministry in Transformational Leadership from Bethel Seminary.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Molly cherishes spending time with her family, volunteering in the community, kayaking, staying active, and traveling to her beloved destination, Hawaii. Alongside her husband Clayton, Molly has raised three now-adult children in Big Lake, MN, where they continue to cultivate a vibrant community life.

Would you like to know more about InterServe Ministries?

We invite you to visit their website!