Financial Peace University

What is Financial Peace University?

Financial Peace University (FPU) is the nine-lesson class that will teach you how to pay off debt, save and invest for your future. You’ll also connect with others, just like you who can hold you accountable, encourage you, and celebrate your progress!

What are classes like?

Classes meet once a week in the Bethel Chapel for nine weeks for about 90 minutes to two hours on Sunday nights and are led by volunteer coordinators. We’ll watch and discuss the videos and do workbook activities.

Do I have to share my income or other personal information in the class?

No. You do not share income and personal information. However, we do collect some financial data anonymously at the start of class and the last class to get a cumulative financial overview to see how much progress the group collectively makes. We create a safe place to listen to questions, engage in discussions, and provide encouragement.

What topics are covered in FPU?

Specific lessons include: Learning How to Budget, Paying Off All Debt, Save a Fully Funded Emergency Fund, Invest for the Future and Build Wealth, The Role of Insurance, Retirement Planning, and more!

What is included in an FPU membership? What is the cost?

Learn with FinancialPeace
• Ability to join an FPU class
•  Access to lessons on all devices
• Unlimited streaming of courses
• In-depth content about budgeting, saving and investing

Budget with EveryDollar
• Zero-based budgeting
• Automatic bank transactions
• All your accounts in one place
• Custom reports on income and spending

Track with BabySteps
• Baby Steps tracking
• Customized coaching and content
• Motivation to crush your goals

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“This class has changed our lives so much. We UNDERSTAND our finances now instead of being anxious all the time. You are both so selfless to give us your time and energy to us each week and have given us amazing knowledge! Thank you and God bless you Michael and Ryan.” –Angie, 2020 FPU Grad

“Very good information. Instructors are very passionate, clear, and informative. Highly recommend Dave Ramsey to everybody. Thank you very much, Mike and Ryan.” –Marty Paris, 2020 FPU Grad

“Excellent instructors and attending students. Feedback between classes was great and much appreciated. Class material presented in an easy to understand manner.” –2020 FPU Grad

“Highly recommend the FPU class. As an introvert, I thought initially I would just do the online videos. So glad I attended class — some of my biggest takeaways were from the classroom discussions. After many non-Ramsey attempts at getting out of debt, I’m finally on track to succeed at becoming debt-free. This program really does work.” –Jennifer M. / 2019 FPU grad

“Absolutely invaluable class. I wish I had taken it long ago. I’d highly recommend it especially as part of building a strong relationship foundation.” –2019 FPU grad

“We have loved our experience at FPU! We learned more about money, budgeting, debt, insurance, investing, and giving than we thought we would. Thank you Mike, Ryan and Dave!” –Eric & Melissa / 2019 FPU grads

“This course has really taught me a lot — to focus on myself and my goals to get debt-free. I can’t wait to finish Baby Step 2, to continue to progress through these next steps. Not only has this course improved my life, I can’t wait to share what I have learned with others.” –Mandy MacPherson, 2019 FPU grad

“The class and resources are very helpful. Some of what was covered in class, I was already doing, but the class filled in the gaps to help me better understand how to fine-tune what I was doing to be more successful in my efforts. I plan to use the book, resources and what I’ve learned in the class to move my way forward to financial freedom.” –2019 FPU grad

“Coming into the class, we were skeptical. Our financial future looked bleak and overwhelming. FPU has given us the information and tools to live like nobody will so we can live like nobody can! Our instructors were welcoming and open. They gave clear insight through their own examples which helped to clarify all the information!” –Matt & Dusty Pries, 2018 FPU grads

“I enjoyed and learned a lot each week. Being with a group is helpful as it keeps us accountable and group sharing is helpful too. If I just received the books and workbook without the group class, I doubt I would have done the homework and made it through as timely. I love sharing what I’ve learned with my kids and hope to send them to the class someday too. Lots of steps to go, but slow and steady wins the race!” –Sally Busse, 2018 FPU grad

“This class has been a blessing! It has given us the tools to be successful in taking control of our finances and given us hope and a sense of peace. Our communication has improved as well as our home life. Well worth it!” –Jason and Sara, 2018 FPU grads

“I am so grateful for my colleague’s suggestion that I check out FPU. As a newly single parent, I was floundering with my finances. FPU has been extraordinarily beneficial and given me control over my finances I never had before. I have no doubt this class will be a transformation for me.” –2018 FPU grad

“As a newly married couple, FPU has really opened up our dialogue about finances, and has allowed us to work as a team toward our future goals … and it’s also been fun!” –2017 FPU grads

“All of the 7 Baby Steps together have given us a greater understanding of the directions we should be traveling. We would highly recommend FPU to anyone who wants to be debt-free!” –2017 FPU grads

“FPU class was very helpful, informational, and the teachers were excellent. The instructors/teachers were knowledgeable, listened well and were understanding. We really enjoyed the class and definitely recommend FPU.” –2017 FPU grads

“My husband Nate and I took your FPU class in January 2016, and we just want to thank you for hosting FPU at Bethel. On October 16 [2017], we made our last payment to become debt-free! We paid off student loans and car payments, in addition to saving for a wedding and paying cash for grad school. Until FPU, we had always lived within our means, but definitely spent all of our money, and we never would’ve been able to do all of these things! We’re on to the next baby step now, and are so thankful for Bethel offering FPU and for the opportunities it is providing us.” –Nathan & Kelly Jones, 2016 FPU grads

“My husband Bob and I attended FPU at Bethel Lutheran Church in January 2016. I want to thank the FPU coordinating team for volunteering their time to lead the classes. It has been completely life-changing. We started with 22 separate debts and as of this morning [June 23, 2017], are down to our last and final non-mortgage debt, one of our children’s school loans. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, we are on track to be completely debt-free by the end of this year. We should have our home paid off within the following two years, by the end of 2019. I have also ordered the FPU coordinator kit so that I can also help others change their lives. Just thought I would send a note to let you know that you did make an impact on our lives and we are grateful for it.” –Colleen and Bob Johnson, 2016 FPU grads