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Bethel commits itself to offering a vital education program for adults. We believe that God’s Word is active and alive, and we desire that more people would come to know Jesus in a deeper way through our programming.

We invite members and visitors to consider attending any of our regular offerings on Sundays at 10:30 am (Room 115). Besides the ones listed, special large group evening Adult Forums are often held at special times of the year. Come whenever you can!

You are also encouraged to watch past sessions videos of our adult education classes.

Topics and Speakers

2023-2024 Schedule

The Adult Education Team meets once a month to plan, implement, and support the various classes. We are always excited to have more adults serve on our team.

Watch past sessions of Adult Education classes here.

Library of Adult Education Videos by Categories

Adult Education Videos Listed by Presenter

Assef Julie - Seasons Hospice and Brown Holly Elder Network

Critical Conversations  | Date: 03-13-22

Bakken, William - Instructor History RCTC College and Bethel Member

Medieval Cathedrals Part 2 | Date: 12-11-22

Medieval Cathedrals Part 1 | Date: 12-04-22

David and Goliath | Date: 02-27-22

Roman Palestine | Date: 12-19-21

Bethel History: the first 70 years | Date: 03-31-19

Bethel History Part 2 | Date: 10-27-19

Bethel History Part 3 | Date: 12-15-19

First mission journey of St Paul Part 1 | Date: 01-10-16

First mission journey of St Paul Part 2 | Date: 01-17-16

Hebrew Monotheism | Date: 10-28-12

Bandel, Anjanette - Bethel Pastor
Bethel Anti-Racism Team

Bethel Anti-Racism Team | Date: 02-19-23

Bolin, Kathy - Bethel Member
Brede, Ardell - Rochester Mayor and Bethel Member
Chatelaine, Kathy - Director of Global Mission SE Minnesota Synod ELCA
Coltvet, Sherman - Bethel Pastor
Cox, Doug - Pastor, Executive Director, Global Health Ministries

Global Health Ministries | Date: 01-29-23

Croghan, Chris - Director Luther House
Dale, Luther - Pastor Incarnation Lutheran Church, St Paul, MN
Daniels, Paul - Library Staff Luther Seminary
Delzer, Steven - Bishop ELCA SE Minnesota Synod

A vision for the Synod | Date: 09-21-14

Denis, Corrine - Campus Pastor Winona State University
Deutschle, Jim - Bethel Member

Italy/Oberammergau Trip | Date: 02-05-23

Confessing the Faith (DVD) | Date: 04-03-22

The Footsteps of Paul | Date: 03-24-19

Deutschle, Jim and Eichorst, Pat - Bethel Members
Eichorst, Pat and Finger Sarah and Richard - Bethel Members
Emmert, Thomas - Professor Emeritus History Gustavus Adolphus College

The Reformation Part 1 | Date: 03-02-14

The Reformation Part 2 | Date: 03-09-14


Fifield, Dan - CEO The Landing

The Landing | Date: 01-23-22

Granquist, Mark - Professor History of Christianity Luther Seminary
Helberg, Linda - Bethel Pastor

Sixth State of Grief | Date: 02-20-22

Hoffman, Renee - Bethel Youth Director

Puerto Rico Trip experience | Date: 12-11-16

Jodock, Darrel - Professor Gustavus Adolphus College (ret)

Amish and Mennonites | Date: 11-06-22

Christians and Jews | Date: 12-12-21

Christian Nationalism | Date: 11-14-21

Luther and Politics | Date: 11-08-20

Toward a deeper understanding of the Creeds | Date: 02-21 20

Lutheran Colleges | Date: 09-15-19

ELCA and Missouri Synod comparison | Date: 02-03-19

Christians and Jews | Date: 11-11-18

Luther and public affairs |Date: 12-10-17

Luther and the Jews | Date: 02-05-17

An incarnational understanding of the Bible | Date: 01-21-16

Does God change his mind?   | Date: 2012

Kleckley, Russel - Professor Emeritus Religion Augsburg University
Knutson, Sera - Bethel Communications Director
La Plante, Brie - Former Bethel Member
Christian, Paul and Larson, Art - Bethel Members

Bihar Project trip report | Date: 02-18-19

Larson, Susan - Director of Children's Ministry
Locula, Jerry - Liberian Christian

Christian Church in Liberia | Date: 03-06-22

Lofstrom, Paula - International Health Partners
Martin-Schramm, James - Professor Religion Luther College
McDonald, Brian - First English Lutheran Church in Cannon Falls
Onkka, Robert - Bethel Pastor (ret)
Penny, Tim - Minnesota 1st District Congressional Representative (ret)

Ethics in Politics | Date: 11-02-14

Piderman, Katherine - Hospice Chaplain Mayo Clinic

Your spiritual legacy | Date: 03-26-17

Roberts, Jerry - SLL Specialist for Senior Linkage Line
Rollinger, Frank - Bethel Member

Men’s Mission trips | Date: 10-21-18

Rudie, Carol - Education Outreach Coordinator Russian Museum of Art, Minneapolis

Our Mother icons | Date: 12-09-18

Introduction to Icons | Date: 02-11-18

Schaffer, John - Bethel Member

The Pine Ridge Mission | Date: 03-22-15

Schulz-Finke, Konrad - Bethel Member

Life in Nazi Germany | Date: 10-23-16

Short, Kara - Fitness and Nutrition Coach

Have faith in yourself | Date: 03-03-19

Shull, Randall - Men’s Ministry Coordinator Next Chapter Ministries

Next Chapter ministries    | Date: 02-01-15

Simundson, Dan - Professor Old Testament Luther Seminary (ret)

God wants us to be free | Date: 09-30 12

Teal, Danielle - Speaker and Founder of CAKE

Radical Kindness | Date: 03-26-23

Tranvik, Mark - Professor Reformation History and Theology Luther Seminary
Tiede, Kathryn - Pastor, Lutheran Social Services Associate Vice President for Philanthropy
Townsend, Jeanne - Parish Nurse

Parish Nursing | Date: 01-22-23

Turner, Dave - LALM Board member and Bethel Member
Marconnett, Jean and Voltz Darlene - Bethel Member
Wahl, Norman - Bethel Pastor Emeritus
Finger, Richard and Whalen, Patti - Bethel Members

Puerto Rico trip | Date: 09-22-19

Wiltsie, Jack - Bethel Member

Genomes Part 2 | Date: 03-02-17

Genomes Part 1 | Date: 02-19-17

Medical Ethics | Date: 02-28-16

Near Death experiences | Date: 02-16-14

Biomimicry in Science | Date: 10-20-13

Adult Education Videos Listed by Topic

1.1 Bible: Old Testament

Bakken David and Goliath | Date: 02-27-22

Bakken Hebrew Monotheism | Date: 10-28-12

2.3 History World Religion
4.1 Lutheranism: Luther
5.1 Christian Living: Bethel Youth

Youth Christikon Trip | Date: 01-08-23

Youth Mission trip to Virginia | Date: 11-24-19

National Youth Gathering | Date: 09-30-18

5.2 Christian Living: Trips
6.0 Personal Growth
6.2 Personal Growth: Relationships

Penny Ethics in Politics | Date: 11-02-14

6.3 Personal Growth: Spiritual Emphasis
7.0 Health and Care Giving