Bethel’s Endowment Fund

Established in 1993, the Bethel Lutheran Church Endowment Fund was created to encourage, receive, and manage gifts that are intended to benefit the congregation. The earnings from these gifts are used to address needs within Bethel and the community. The Bethel Endowment supports the mission and vision of our congregation and it complements our efforts to commit, prepare, and minister. Joined together, our individual legacies and endowment contributions help fulfill our current and future needs.

Through the Endowment Fund, Bethel has the ability to:

  • Give its members a way to continue Christian Stewardship beyond our lifetime.
  • Help perpetuate financial support.
  • Receive gifts from those who wish to remember loved ones in a lasting way.
  • Provide financial strength to meet challenges in the years ahead.
  • Help minister to our youth, our elderly, and our neighbors.
  • Enter new ventures for Jesus Christ through His Church.

Gifts / Contributions

Contributions can be forwarded to the Endowment using such ways as:

  • Outright gifts – money, securities, personal property, and/or real estate
  • Bequests – cash or other gifts designated in a donor’s will
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Memorials – gifts given in honor of or in memory of a loved one
  • Life Insurance/Annuity
  • IRA/Retirement Funds

All gifts which come in to the Endowment Fund are managed under the direction of an elected board of trustees in accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of Bethel. The Endowment Team currently uses Wells Fargo Investment Management and Trust Department to oversee and properly invest the funds and monies which come into the church. The overall fund balance (approximately $1,600,000.00) is further divided into adult education, children’s ministries, fellowship, missions, youth, music, properties, seminary support, scholarships, spiritual emphasis, and undesignated purposes.


Winter 2019

$20 Challenge — $20 offered to each 2nd grader to creatively “steward” and then report back how the funds were used. We hope that this project will increase attendance while giving kids a better understanding of stewardship and the joys of giving.

New children's worship kits

“When I give to others, I feel doubly happy.” -Bethel 2nd grader

Fall 2019

Future plumbing upgrades in the Narthex and Bethel Hall restrooms; New children’s worship kits and storage units — a variety of quiet activities to engage children in worship.

New children's worship kits

New children’s worship kits

Spring 2019

The Endowment has $65,557 allotted in 2019 for 11 groups. Three highlights: translate old Bethel records from Norwegian for Bethel’s 150th Anniversary; purchase 300 baptismal medallions which is estimated to last 4–5 years; a Bethel member offered a $5,000 match towards the Bethel/Bihar campaign, which equaled $10,000 and put the Bihar total over $100,000!




If you would like more information regarding the Endowment or would like to contribute to this Fund, please contact 507-288-6430, email Terra O’Brien at obrien@bethellutheran.com, or connect with a committee member.

Endowment Committee Members

  • Mitch Anderson, Council Liaison
  • Ryland Eichhorst, Secretary
  • Will Fredricksen, President
  • Ryan Ledebuhr, Publicity
  • Lori Meyer, Donor Relations
  • Terra O’Brien, Administrator
  • Paul M. Peterson, Operations
  • Jeff Vomhof, Treasurer
  • Anjanette Bandel, Lead Pastor