Drama Ministry

Drama Ministry History

Since the early 1990’s, Bethel has invested time, money and much talent into drama – inside and outside of worship. Since our inception, we have felt that our “job” is to tell the wonderful story of God’s love to all who would listen. Those who have been involved over the years (actors, cast and crew) have grown spiritually and we devote our time and talents to this outreach ministry.

Over the last 20 or so years we have brought the following dramas to the people of Rochester and SE Minnesota (and even beyond):

  • “In Bethlehem’s Inn”
  • “The Mysterious Benefactor”
  • Various old-fashioned melodramas
  • Skits and dramas during worship services
  • “The Promise” – in acts and in full production
  • The Boar’s Head Feast
  • The Last Supper
  • “Will You Wait With Me?”
  • “Moments with the Master”
  • “The Choice” – in acts and in full production

In 2019 we presented the “The Choice” – a stunning dramatic musical that tells the story of a Roman centurion that falls in love with a Jewish girl and witnesses the impact of Jesus in his own life. The conflict propels him to evaluate all he’s experienced, and ultimately to make “The Choice”. This outreach to the community involved over 100 people and 13 churches and we hope to continue to spread the Word of God for many years to come.