Bethel Library

Bethel has two self-serve libraries that are available for book, CD, games, and DVD check-out whenever the church is open. On Sunday mornings a volunteer is available to assist with locating materials. DVD copies of the Sunday morning services and various speakers from the Adult Forums may also be checked out.

The mission is to provide resources to educate, inspire, and nurture the growing faith of all ages of Bethel members.

The Bethel Book Club meets monthly in the evening to discuss a common book selection. Stop by the Adult Library to view titles or check out the book of the month.

Bethel’s Response to Racism

Our library has enlightening resources to support our efforts in responding to racism as a church community.
Click here to access the Bethel Library Books on Race Relations.

Open Doors To The Bethel Library:

Come on in and check out books whenever the church building is open!

The wearing of masks in the library space is encouraged but not required. Please limit your visit in the Adult Library to 4 people at a time and 1 family at a time in the Children’s Room.

Adult Library

Children's Library