Parish Nurse Ministry

About the Parish Nurse Ministry

The church has a role in the ministry of health and healing which began when Jesus sent out His disciples to preach, teach, and heal.

Parish Nursing promotes wellness of body, mind, and spirit to all members of Bethel Lutheran Church and the community. The parish nurse integrates the concept of wholistic care into his/her nursing care and ministry, stressing health maintenance and illness prevention.

Our parish nurse Jeanne Townsend provides leadership in identifying and meeting the health education and support needs of all members of Bethel Lutheran Church. This ministry requires the ongoing support from the congregation, Health Cabinet, and clergy.

Jeanne Townsend, RN is our Bethel’s Parish Nurse

Contact Jeanne for:

- Questions about your health concerns

- Assistance navigating the healthcare system

- Assistance in accessing community resources

- Support during times of need

- Requests for education on health-related topics

- Volunteer opportunities

Contact information

What is a Parish Nurse?

Integrator of Faith and Health

Assists parishioners to achieve higher levels of wellness by improving their spiritual and physical health.

Health Educator

Provides opportunities for the congregation to learn about health issues, individually and in groups.

Health Counselor

Available to discuss health concerns, giving clarity and support.

Referral Advisor

Works with community resources to establish networks that assist with the well-being of the congregation.
Makes referrals to community groups as needed.

Health Advocate

Helps members of the congregation or community obtain needed health related services and assists in navigating the healthcare system.

Developer of Support Groups

Facilitates the development of support groups for the congregation as needed.

Volunteer Coordinator

Recruits, prepares, and oversees congregational volunteers to assist with the ministry of health and wholeness.