Reengagement Task Force

Latest updates about the efforts and steps that our reengagement task force team is taking regarding COVID-19


Because of the announcement by Mayor Kim Norton, Bethel’s Reengagement Task Force has chosen to require masks while inside the building and during our worship services. 

We have also made this decision because of the high transmission rate of COVID-19 in our community. There are ways to reduce the risk of infection from the virus: wearing a mask in indoor settings, staying home if sick, frequent handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes, and getting vaccinated for COVID-19.

We encourage those who have not been vaccinated and who are eligible to receive the vaccine to be vaccinated as soon as possible. Unvaccinated individuals are significantly more likely to become infected from COVID-19 than those who been vaccinated. There have been cases of COVID-19 in vaccinated people, but the severity of illness and the likelihood of hospitalization and death is decreased immensely.

We ask that you also respect others’ wish for distance while in the church. Please follow the direction of the ushers for seating and dismissal at worship services.

Remember, wearing a mask helps to protect you from contracting COVID-19. It also helps to protect others who may be vulnerable. Remember to wear your mask correctly—covering both your mouth and nose. If you do not wear a mask when entering Bethel, we will provide you with a disposable mask. If you do not want to wear a mask at Bethel, we ask you to please view the streaming service available on Bethel’s website. Let’s do our part to reign in COVID-19 spread—wear the mask and get vaccinated!