When my wife and I attended FPU in 2013, we were living paycheck to paycheck, strapped by debt, no emergency fund, and barely investing for retirement. FPU showed us how to get on the same page, pay off all our non-mortgage debts early, build an emergency fund, and invest for the future. It’s a life-changer for anyone who implements The Baby Steps—speaking from experience and getting testimonials from FPU members.

I’ve been an FPU Coordinator and Financial Coach since 2016 and thoroughly enjoy helping clients and class members make smarter financial decisions and get in control of their money. I was the founder and administrator of the Financial Peace / Money Matters yammer group at Mayo from 2016–2021, which grew to more than 2,400 members and became the largest yammer group at Mayo. I also launched a financial blog in 2021: CornerstoneMoneyMatters.com. Hilary and I have been married since 2000, we have four children, and we’re grateful for FPU.