Mentor Ministry

Welcome to our Mentor Ministry page!

Mentorship is one of the coolest ministries we offer here at Bethel for our confirmation students! Our hope is that throughout our confirmation students’ 9th grade year they will be intentionally meeting up with a mentor of their choosing. Many of our students gain not only a year of mentorship, but a lifelong friendship that gives them another person in their lives to listen, laugh, learn, and most importantly pursue Christ with.

R.I.D.E Guideline

In the Bible, we see many different examples of what discipleship or mentorship might look, but the most prominent example would be within the Apostle Paul and his understudy, Timothy. If you read within 2 Timothy you will see this R.I.D.E. acronym play out.


Relational (trust one another, become friends with each other)


Inspirational (A mentor inspires their mentee in their faith journey)


Doctrinal (The Bible is the foundation on which Christian mentorship stands)


Experiential (Do things together, share your faith together, serve together)