Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding the upcoming special congregational meeting vote


How do I make sure my vote via the online form went through?

During the meeting, Pastor Anjanette will notify the congregation about a special phone number to reach Rachel Hasley and ask her to confirm that your vote online went through.

If I vote using the online form, do I need to complete that form for each member of my family that is allowed to vote?

Yes, each member of your family that is a Bethel member and has been confirmed should fill out the form.

When joining the meeting via zoom, how do I change my generic username (such as iPad) to my name?
  1. On the Zoom in-meeting controls, tap Participants.
  2. Tap your name, then tap Rename. A pop-up box will appear.
  3. In the pop-up box, enter your display name.
  4. Tap OK.

Changing Your Display Name in Zoom Rooms – PALCS HelpDesk

Where can I find the chat within the zoom meeting?

While in the meeting, tap More and then tap Chat . Enter your message in the chat window. Tap to send your message.

Zoom Chat - First Unitarian Universalist Society of Exeter

If I zoom into the meeting, how do I let you know I am there (and any additional members of my household.)

Please use the “chat” feature to let us know your full name and any others in your household who are members and are present on the call desiring to vote.

What happens if I lose the connection to the meeting?

Please call 507-722-0588 to let us know you were disconnected: (leave a message with your full name and phone number if the call is not picked up.)

I don’t know how to use a Google Form, how will I vote?

You will be given a number to call Rachel Hasley to cast your confidential vote.

If I call into the meeting, how will I identify that I am there?

You will use the chat feature if you are attending on the Zoom feature/app.  If you choose to only call to listen to the meeting, the admin monitoring the meeting will register your phone number and call you after the meeting to register your attendance.

How will my vote be kept confidential?

Rachel Hasley, Bethel’s Director of Communication (non Bethel member), will be receiving and tallying the google form votes and the phone call tendered votes.  She will be the only one who will know the voter name and their ballot choice and keep this in strict confidence.  She will provide the final tally of voting numbers to Bethel leadership.  No pastor or Council member will know of your voting decision.

What if there are others in my household who want to vote and are on the call with me?

Identify via the chat or through the phone number provided the names of those in your household who intend to vote.

Can I call in/zoom into the meeting, register my name, and vote later with a written ballot?

Yes, we will leave the voting process open through Wednesday, March 15th for those with marked attendance at the meeting.

FAQ’s of IN-PERSON Voting

How will I make sure you know I am present at the meeting?

You will be asked to register when you arrive.

How will I receive a ballot?

Once the meeting is called to order and the vote is announced the ballots will distributed to those physically present at the meeting.

How will you make sure someone doesn’t vote twice?

When leaving the meeting you will need to cast your ballot at the same table where you registered to have your name marked as having completed your vote.  This will ensure that each vote tendered is connected to a person who has registered as present at the meeting.  Votes will be folded and put in a box so that they remain confidential when counted at a later date.


Will the results of this vote be a recommendation to the Council or a decision that the Bethel Congregation is endorsing?

The Council determined that since the congregation voted these continuing resolutions to be in effect in 2010 then the congregation would need to vote on them in 2023.  The Council will honor the results of the vote.

When will we know the results of the vote?

Final results will be tallied on Wednesday, March 15th and final results announced on Thursday, March 16th.