Special Congregational Meeting

March 12 11:45 am

The Bethel Church Council has called for a special congregational meeting to be held simultaneously in-person and virtually on Sunday, March 12, 2023 @ 11:45am in the Bethel sanctuary.

The sole purpose of this hybrid meeting is to give you the opportunity to vote on Continuing Resolutions 2010-02 and 2010-3 with the ballot to appear as follows:

□ I vote to KEEP Continuing Resolution 2010-02 and Continuing Resolution 2010-03 of Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester, MN.

□ I vote to DISSOLVE Continuing Resolution 2010-02 and Continuing Resolution 2010-03 of Bethel Lutheran Church, Rochester, MN.

On Thursday, Feb. 16th, we mailed a letter to members of the congregation with a complete explanation of the meeting and the vote (to access the letter, please visit bit.ly/congregational-letter-feb2023).

Congregational Meeting Information for Virtual Attendance (Zoom)

If you choose to attend the special congregational meeting via Zoom you may access attendance to the meeting via the link or phone number below. For your vote to be counted, you MUST check in via the “chat” feature with the name and phone number of each person in the household who is attending the Zoom meeting and intends to vote.

Date/Time: Sunday, March 12 @11:45am

Format: Hybrid Meeting

You may attend in-person or online and you will be required to sign-in as a member of Bethel so that we can ensure only confirmed Bethel members vote.

Zoom link:
Meeting ID: 886 1861 2038
Passcode: 186219
Phone access to the meeting: +1-312-626-6799

Congregational Meeting Information for In-Person Attendance

Upon arrival for the in-person meeting you must stop at the registration desk to be checked into the meeting.  After checking in, you will receive a voucher that you exchange for a ballot at the entrance to the sanctuary.  Church Council members will be distributing the ballots only to those who have checked in to the meeting to verify their Bethel membership.  The meeting will begin at 11:45 am and voting will commence at the conclusion of the meeting.  You will cast your ballot at the same table where you registered and you will need to confirm with the registration table that your ballot has been cast.  Ballots are kept confidential


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