Jon Ailabouni Concert!

September 29, 2023 7:00 pm  |  Bethel Lutheran Church

Join trumpeter, composer, and improviser Jon Ailabouni for a FREE concert featuring original music from his debut album entitled “You Are Not Alone”.
“You Are Not Alone” contains music for the heart, designed for healing, feeling, and being. In each piece, the musicians collectively meditate on a specific challenge or theme. Parenting in the pandemic, the insurrection at the Capitol, the human cost of America’s foreign wars, and Ailabouni’s identity as a Palestinian-American are just a few examples.
Ailabouni’s music uses the jazz tradition as a vehicle for musical storytelling that is both personal and communal, both intimate and vast. Sometimes it’s a party. Other times a prayer. Or both.
Featured alongside Jon Ailabouni are top musicians from the Midwest: saxophonist Simon Harding (Cedar Falls, IA), pianist Mike Conrad (Cedar Falls, IA), bassist Karyn Quinn (La Crosse, WI), and drummer Pete James Johnson (Minneapolis, MN).